Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Time for the Holidays

There is something about having a dinner scheduled later that puts me on a heater. I finished at about 130th yesterday, when my pairs held and I won the race I gladly took in hour 3 (AK vs QQ). But in the end, 88 in the SB. Folded around to the button, who limps. I raise. BB folds and he re-raises. I call and the flop is 992. Unless he has a bigger pair, I am way ahead. But alas, he has Kings and he manipulated to pot to be large enough pre-flop that I went busto. There is a lesson here for raising with big hand (even if its a tricky limp-raise) to make the pot harder to get away from (remember prospect theory?).

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Anonymous said...


I love when you remind about the prospect theory :)

Hope you had a good game.