Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hep me Jebus

ok, let me start off by saying this. I have no idea where this title comes from. I mean, I know why I am using it as I am going to use a reference to Chris "Jesus" Ferguson. But the antecedent of the above quote? I have no idea.

Anyway, I decided to take a page from Chris' famous $1 to $20k efforts. Buy in for the minimum and leave when you double up (and bank it). The is contrary to what most people believe to be the right way to play no limit, but in testing it I would have to say the results are valid. You see, when you buy in for the minimum, others tag you as a loser. On top of that, when new players join the table, they don’t "eyeball" you as you are not a big stack. It also has a low risk variance which allows you to minimize loses if you end up at a table where people are drawing on you against the odds (or even colluding).

So, I bought in to the $.10/$.25 table for a wimpy $10. Not only did I bank $30 bucks (I could not even get off the table at $20 as players wanted to continue giving me money), I got LECTURED by a guy who badly misplayed AA.

I an in the cutoff and its folded around to me. I raise to 3xBB as I am first to act. If I am in this position and I have anything at all playable, I do this. I had 76o. I get a caller from the SB. The flop is like T85 (I don’t even remember the suits). I bet about ½ the pot and he calls. The turn is the 4, making my straight. I CHECK. He bets. I raise. He CALLS. As soon as he CALLS my check raise, I know his hand… Do you? Its AA. What else gives low level players the unjustifiable confidence to CALL bets and raises (without re-raises) with the assumption that they are ahead? Only AA. I smile big and call out his hand to my computer screen. “Comon in AA, the water is nice and warm”.

The river is a King. Now it seems easy to check here, but I don’t do that. I BET. I bet a nice big bet that I know he is going to call. And I revel in it. I KNOW based on how he played the hand that he has ran the red light and does not see the van coming through the intersection. He is about to be blind-sided. Sure enough, he make the big call and I take it down.

Then the lecture starts. “what kind of idiot raises with 76o?” “Only on these rigged sites can this happen, this would never happen in live cards.” And the perennial favorite, “you suck”. But his best comment was, “only a idiot can avoid a trap with 76o”. And here is where I got to type my single reply. I gave him some solid advice. Advice he did not even earn. Advice he will never use because he is blinded by tilt. I simply type, “who builds a trap with only a pair”???

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Simon said...

Hey Columbo,

The quote is from the Simpsons.

Nicely played BTW!