Friday, November 17, 2006

For goodness sakes, have a point!!!

Nope. Can't. Quite frankly I am surprised I am even posting as I type this...

First of all, let me state for the record, that Iggy retiring is a blow to the blogger community, the poker community, and to the WPBT stories bin. Some of my most memorable moments of Vegas revolve around the little guy. (and I don't mean little Elvis.)

Secondly, I think Biggestron made a great statement with his "boredom with reading poker blogs, especially strategy posts" comments. Which, of course, is horrible news for me as I rarely post anything else.

But I will have a trip report as I am in Vegas next week on business and will do nothing with my evenings that does not involve poker. Until then, what is worth writing?

I guess that... well, let me state it another way. I played a 20 table last night and lost interest when I had a Q of 2. Now I understand losing interest when you are constantly fighting at a Q of .95, but to loaf it at 2 ???? WTF!? I ended up 60th-ish (of 180). Mostly because I did not change gears at the right time. Actually, I did not change gears at all as I did not care enough to watch carefully. Lazy. And distracted by other things.

I am playing a live 3 table tonight and hopefully I can keep my interest on the table and not on other things. Hopefully I do well.

Is poker just becomming a tad boring? Is that it? With all the hype and "newness" gone, isn't this inevitable?

Who can say? But with the $ conduits being cut off, the poor ESPN WSOP coverage, and Harrah's talking about chocking off online qualifiers, what other conclusions can one come to?

WSOP main event field in 2007, 4500 players?

BONUS CODE <"insert nothing here"> DAMMIT!!! (sigh)

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