Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Irony of everyday life

So I go to vote today. And I find myself in a elementary school gymnasium standing in line with a sticker on my right index finger and a slip of paper in my left. It dawns on me that this is a complete waste of everyone's time because its the bloody 21st century and I should be able to vote from my computer or even cable set-top box in about 5 seconds. We are (debatably) the most technological nation on the planet for cripes sakes.

So when I get home, I figure I will fire up the olde (sic) blog to tell you all about it. And its then that I realize that it takes bloody 5 minutes for my blog to load and I have not been posting lately because the response time on blogspot has been so poor and sometimes I just plain cant get in to post.

So much for electronic voting...

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