Sunday, November 26, 2006

Playing the Ponies, Vegas and WPBT

First of all, let me say that I just can't get enough of HORSE. (I like triple-draw too.) So, Poker Stars has been luring me back. Most of the low stakes HORSE Tables are loose like HE tables were 3 years ago.

I am in Vegas this week on business, should be at the MGM poker room Monday evening. Unless I am very lazy, in which case I'll be at the RIO poker "room" (alcove).

(by CJ )
It's on!

What: The World Poker Bloggers Tour Aladdin Casino Classic
When: Saturday, June 4th
Where: The Aladdin Casino in Las Vegas, NV
Following my last e-mail exchange with Edna, the Aladdin Poker Room manager, we are confirmed for our June event. Start making your plans now! I'm still working on getting a maximum number of entrants, so get your RSVP's to me immediately. Send me an email at cjhoyt !-@-! upforanything DOT net.

I believe the buy-in for this event will likely be $50+5, although I'm still finalizing those details. I also don't have the exact start time of the tournament in stone, but the date is final. Send whatever questions you have for me as soon as possible!

This is the same weekend as the start of the World Series of Poker so there should be a big poker crowd in town. Those interested in playing the $1500 NLHE event will likely be able to play in both that and our WPBT event. Although if you make the final table in the WSOP event, that might conflict. I'm sure that wouldn't be too disappointing!

I imagine this event will be bigger and better than the last! Remember, we're likely going to limit this to poker bloggers unless I can get a larger number of participants from the Aladdin. That means I'll need to know your blog when you RSVP. Questions? Send 'em my way!

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