Friday, April 18, 2008

6max insanity - outplaying yourself...

I am playing for about 15 minutes, when this hand comes up.
Folded to hero in the SB with A7. Call
BB checks

Flop is AT8 rainbow. I bet pot, he calls.
Turn is a 2. I bet pot, he calls.
River is a 3. I shove....

He calls with what range here? Well, since I DISGUISED my Ace, he can call with Any Ace Rag and think he is ahead, right?

And that is exactly what happened. I get A7 in the SB, he has A9 in the BB.

I am not a big complainer, but man have I been cold decked this week at ring games. Running 2 pair or TPTK in to SETS and other second best hands like the above.

I have been felted TWICE in the last 2 weeks. ARGH!

What is it about 6max that makes me think I HAVE to play like an aggro?!

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DubsPoke said...

1st - Sounds like you are on some pretty major tilt to be getting felted with TP rag kicker and blaming it on your opponent. Instead let's look at your play and see what we could have done differently. Also, what is your image so far on the table?

As far as the play, you bet pot and got called on a board with only a straight draw on it. Have you been able to determine whether your opponent one that would chase draws? If he is not chasing, what type of hand range do you put him on? I would say that his range is huge because we didn't do anything preflop to define it. Limping into an open pot from OOP is very dangerous. Either raise that SB or fold it away. I also suggest playing a very tight range from SB as well.

His flat call of the second barrel means he is showing a lot of strength. He's saying I'm not folding. I don't know how much you had behind entering the river but you can more or less concede he has you beat at this point. His range includes any two pair, any ace with a better kicker (which is about half of them), or that straight draw. Your river bet is now a semi-bluff and is only going to fold out one of those options, the missed straight draw. The only hands that call your push are hands that beat you. I'd have check-folded the river. Possibly check-call depending on size of his river bet.

Is his play terrible? Absolutely. He did nothing to define your range other than to assume that 1) you have a weak ace or 2nd pair and 2) you're trying desperately to get him off the hand by pot-sized bets. Perhaps make them appear more value-ish by 3/4 pot, thus making your river push stronger.

Play big pots with big hands. Ignoring this will get you felted.

(I of course am not qualified to make these comments but I hope that they help. Check out my blog to see where I am coming from as a very low-limit, bankroll building donk).