Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Definition of Irony

Its Riverchasers MTT and my hands blow. I re-steal my way to like 6700 chips. Never with anything but air. Then, I catch a stack overplaying KK pre-flop and get him all-in and I am sitting in the late position with AA. My first real hand of the night...


I cant remember a game recently where I played better. wah!! Now with half the players gone, I am no longer 8th, but short stack under the start stack size.

I must admit though, I am happy. I mean, I played well. And sometimes that's all you can do.

But I am not out yet... I start stealing my way back... slowly but steady...

I win a race from the SB and I am back to 17th/30... (KQ vs. 66 button raise, I push here from the SB) still below average though.

A hammer drop takes me to 14th... still below avg with 23 left.

I again get my money in ahead in a battle. I LP raise with AcTc and get a BB re-raise. I decide this is it and push to see the BB show JQ? Cool

CRACK everything as he flops TRIPs and turns a BOAT. The best 23rd place of 72 I ever played.

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