Monday, April 21, 2008

Time, Time, Time, what has become of me?

I don't know where to begin. There are times that I see the light, and others where I simply am staring at tomorrow. So begins this weeks experiment in self. Anti-Time Mgt. That's right. Chucking my normal task and interrupt driven round robin method in favor of one that forces choice through de-evolution. Mark Mothersbaugh would be proud.

This week, in conjunction with my kids school's self pronounced "TV turn-off week". I am also turning off the idiot, time wasting distractions I love so much as an Dr. Frankenstein like experiment to focus on the items that will improve my life.

No easy task.

So gone this week is
* surfing the web
* responding to email as soon as it comes in. (I am shooting for 4 times a day)
* working on trivial tasks
* TV shows

What I will indulge in:
* Poker - but only without TV on
* Music
* family activities (without the email)
* a modicum of research

We'll see how it goes. But it does mean one thing for my game. I am going to be overly focused on my hands this week. Good? Bad? time will tell...

I consider this my self-hypnotic adderall.

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