Thursday, June 19, 2008

For the love of all that is poker

Can I have a hand stand up? (In the voice of "Chandler" from "Friends") "Can I GET my money in anymore ahead?!"

My post Vegas run continues with flopped straights and dominating hands going down in flames. My online bankroll is suddenly at risk for the first time in 3 years, but I am playing decent. (or so my "donkey head" thinks)

There was a very interesting hand last night that I was going to use for a OMM, but think I want the discussion instead. Fuel raises pre-flop and I feel compelled to see a flop (out of position) with 77.

The flop is 456, (I check) and Fuel makes his famous OBV (overbet for value) of 2x pot. Calling puts 1/3 of my chips in the pot, but the blinds are still low (level 2?). I cant see folding here, can you? I mean an overpair with an OESD? I figure he could have ATbC (any two big cards) and thus two overs or a pair. But in either case, the OESD is a good redraw, right? I figure there is some play left here and I can still continue the MTT with 2/3 of my chips, so I call instead of shove.

The turn is a 3 and I make the straight. The money all goes in and I win the pot.

Did I play the hand poorly? Why?

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Anonymous said...

I usually shove on the flop. Any overcard is a scarecard for you, and any straight card is a scarecard for him. I think you're lucky that you got paid off on your straight.

I like to get all my money in immediately so that it's in when i think i'm ahead, and get to see the next two cards regardless. It would suck to miss the turn and then get priced out of the river.