Monday, June 16, 2008

Movie Review, The Grand

Todays review, the straight to video contestant "The Grand". If you liked Best in Show, then you may like this one too. Same style, albeit without some of the brilliance of character actors. Instead, there is a big cast of comics. and lots of poker cameos.

You'll quickly realize that almost all 6 of the final table players are a combination of two famous poker players. This makes the banter and personalities fun for fans of poker players.

The movie is uneven and practically plotless, but still invokes chuckles that come out of the characterizations. David Cross cracked me up in a hand against the unabomber.

Overall its worth a watch for nothing more than this line:
"Let me tell you how the internet screwed up poker. ok? When a guy sucks out on you on the river, on the internet, you can't take the guy out into the parking lot and you can not break his fucking knees."


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