Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just how -EV is Rockband?

Well, I was willing to give up my seasons tickets to the Detroit Lions this year. Now for many of you, that seems like a no brainer. But to a ticket holder of FIFTEEN years with seats in row 21, it was NOT an easy decision.

Nevertheless, I gave up my $1800 / pr seats and blew the money on Rock Band!

"All of it??" you ask?

The low-down:

I had no X-Box 360. Needed the one with the big HD: $500
Rockband : $170
Drum Pads: $20 (after market gum pads to help with the noise)
Foot Petal : $20 (after market foot petal, to avoid the breaking problems)
DLC (download content point) to date : $80
Second Guiter : $30
I had a microphone stand, but since the microphone is strangely fat I needed a special clip :$12
Beer : Lots of beer. LOTS. $140 (yes, really)
Guitar Strum mod from, $20
I bought a Tamborine and a Cow bell. Its too funny playing "Dont fear the Reaper" actually WITH MORE COWBELL! $30

so, just about $1k.

My buddy Neal built a drum kit out of REAL DRUMS to replace the Chinese made plastic craptacular drums that come with the game. Since we play at my house, he has been hauling them over every Friday. So, he offered to build me a set also, if I pay for the parts. OMG, where is my checkbook!!!!? $300

The guys a reviewed the American DJ LED light bar which is SOUND ACTIVATED and works GREAT with Rockband. $200.

Drum stool : $40
I even bought a guitar stand for the guitar for $10 bucks.
and a couple of LONG USB extension cables: $10

And yes, we have ALREADY crushed the endless setlist on Medium. We are playing on hard now and are up to 850k in fans. Next weekend we may eclipse the 1mil fan mark. (geek-y)

Worth that much??? Let's test:

Lions: 8 home games (although you PAY for 10). 4 hours of entertainment (if you don't mind losing) = 32 hours of entertainment for $1800 bucks.

Lets just ASSUME I will be spending another $150 this year on DLC (more songs damn you!) which brings the expense equal to $1800. That is a HELL of a lot for a video game! or is it?

Hours and INCREDIBLE fun, not only on Friday nights but with FAMILY. The ENTIRE family. My 7 year old sings! Its like the bloody partridge family. (why no partridge family songs?)

Hours logged to date: over 75! Even if I BROKE my hand playing guitar at 100 hours. That would be $18/hr. A movie is like $6/hr. An mp3 is $1 for 3 minutes. I can safely expect 300 hours of entertainment from this, which would bring it down to movie price.

4 player, not sitting and cheering (what little their was), and family fun. I never thought I would buy a xbox 360, as I don't play many video games any more (well, I have a mame cabinet. Don't you?) and I certainly would not have expected this type of expense at my age. But who else can drop $200 on a LED light board just for immersion?!

Overall, I think I can live with my decision...


Csaba K├ętszeri said...

OMG, it seems to me a hugh pile of $

My plan was about poker: to spend the price of the xbox and a few games and when I burn the money I'll quit.

Testing Testguy said...

LOL, awesome. I admire your dedication to the art of fake plastic rock. Cowbell, man. You rule!

(p.s. you are capped at a million fans on Hard, just so you know.. gotta be on expert to have more than a million!)