Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How often does THIS occur?

I am at the final table of the MATH last night. Waffles is a freaking jauggernaught and has 1/2 the chips in play. I was in 3rd, but fell to 4th after having to let go of a hand. We have had numerous rotations with everyone "dancing in and out" very well.

Suddenly, I get AA in the SB AND its folded around to me. Hoyazo is in the BB, fresh off his WSOP qualifier win. He is 2nd or 3rd in chips. Maybe 20% more than me. I dont want to waste this opportunity, so I decide to show weakness and limp, hoping that Hoy will try to punish me. He thinks about it (he delays all his decisions online) and checks.

The flop is like K83 with two clubs. I make a weak lead on purpose, trying to rope him in. He raises, but only to about 40% of my stack. I think for a minute deciding the best way to get his chips and opt for the push. He calls with...

That's right, AA in the SB and KK in the BB and no raises! MOST flops and Hoy goes broke with an overpair, but in this case he is the recipient of a 20% varience and IGHN.


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Sucks man. That's twice in a row I've taken you out of these things. But as I recall you've had your share of eliminations of me from blogger tourneys before that. It will all even out in the end.

That was a crazy hand. I will admit that it never even occurred to me that you had AA (not sure how it could). Even when you pushed allin on the flop, I had to pause for a few seconds just to figure what you had. I guessed maybe KQ with the flush draw or something like that, or maybe two pairs since you had just limped preflop? But I really had no idea, and obv. I had to call with the current nuts. Crazy hand no doubt.

Rasputin said...

I dunno how often but I had pretty much the same thing in my montly poker night game Sunday. We're heads up, no preflop raises, flop king high, I have aces and he has kings. Not much you can do.

SirFWALGMan said...

That hurt my balls.. and Hoy called me a luckbox.. fucker.. Good game anyways man.. You could have bubbled hard like Bayne when I cracked his Queens with my jacks.