Sunday, March 11, 2007

Play so loose, you dont stand a chance!

Its the law of variance I guess, but more to the point the law of the donkeys. 4 table MTT, maybe 5 good players in the whole thing. But will call down with Middle Pair or better, so good luck stealing a pot. So, I bleed for a while, then double up with KK when AJ does not even CONSIDER folding pre-flop with that monster.

So, I am going to play premium hands and when I hit hard, break players. Right?

Q6 in the BB vs. 2 limpers. ok, check. Flop is 566 rainbow. I check knowing that the first limper has a pair like 88 and will bet. Sure enough, he bets and the other limper calls. I dont have many chips, so I push. This simply doubles the pot and they both have me covered. The first guy, thinking his overpair is gold? calls. The second guy, using NO LOGIC other than he had chips, also calls with A7s?!!?!? wtf? Still, awesome for me. I am going to triple up and go back into stealth mode. Turn is the 8c putting a straight draw on the board for both and now a flush draw for Ac7c. Turn is the 9c and trips is the 3rd best hand. As a matter of fact, when the 9c was the river, I did not even wait to see my fate and got up. I already knew what they had when 77 pushed all in. What a donk fest. Ugh.

In the side SnG, I won that and ended up with a slight profit for the evening. But I had to do it by playing rope-a-dope again vs. players who were very aggressive and would over bet post with middle pair. Of course, they would pay off all made hands, so it was a matter of trapping with every single hard hit flop. Took forever. The ENTIRE SnG I am questioning my passive play, especially with I layed down TT on a flop of AA9 and the EP big stack puts me all in (mostly drunk too). I fold face up and he shows his only bluff of the entire night. The advantage was that everyone saw me as an easy mark, and I took alot of chips after losing that hand. Amazing what a face up fold with the winning hand can do for an image!

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