Monday, March 26, 2007

Poker Weekend Recap

My home game ended up being a single table SnG. I had made it a goal to spend less time on "cards" and more time on "people". Still, I let Rich run a BIG bluff on me. I am the big stack and looking to avoid races. I notice that he looked at his chips BEFORE looking at his cards. This is a tell that someone is going to run a bluff on you. And DESPITE seeing this, I folded TT on a flop of 763 to his all-in. Sad really, but I was so sure that I was going to have better opportunities. HA, that was just LAME!!!

Two rotations later, I got even with 88 when he raised and then pre-flop I pushed and dared him to call and he stood down.

The funny part was when Rich was down to the felt and got his money in behind against me 3 time and caught up all 3 times. He made a wheel against another player when he was all-in behind also. Now we make the final 3 and I run a huge bluff vs. Mark. Mark, despite not having ANYTHING insists on calling me down. I am aghast, yet beaten. How did I misread that one?!

Then Rich and Mark get heads up and Rich CANT POST ENOUGH FOR THE BB. He wins FIVE races in a row and takes the top seat. His luck that evening was unbeatable and unequivocally the best run of luck I ever saw.

Sunday was the WPBT Event #3, RAZZ!
I consider myself a decent Razz player and quickly was 5th in the field of 21. But after a couple of brutal hands, found myself playing uber-tight just trying to fold into the points! I made it when Drizz caught a second best 8765 vs 8764 and I squeaked in at 8th. The hands I lost, I was ahead until 5th. Just like RAZZ should be.

Sort of the Tetris of poker... nothing but falling bricks.

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