Thursday, March 29, 2007

Maybe its not me?

"Don't be so Freudian. of course its you!" - Gestalt

I have been frustrated lately in my lack of cashes, especially in my blogger events. But I did notice one thing last night. The level of play in the blogger events is notable higher than typical events.

For example, I am playing in a local online series. There are about 21 regulars, and I am first in points after 7 events, cashing 3 times (only pays 3 places). The level of play is averge and decisions are not mind boggling.

I did push with an OESD and flush draw with one card to come, got called by two pair, and hit the straight, but other than that one hand, my money went in ahead every time. I took a devistating hit when I flopped a straight and a set rivered a boat on me with one card to come, but I battled back from last to end up second.

Now, here is my question/observation of the week:

How do you play a league tournament different from a MTT?

Here is my answer:
You locate the top 10 point players. Then you give yourself a "last longer" challenge with them. So, when/where you would normally "take a chance which could help you win the tournament, but if you lose it you are crippled" move, instead you check your standings in relation to the other 10 point leaders. If you are well in the running against them, you pass on the chance for now. If you are behind them sigificantly in this current MTT, then you take the chance.


Alot of this will get put to the test with the annoucement of...

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Gadzooks64 said...

We just finished our 3rd season of the Pokerslut Tour.

I have come to expect a certain level [better than average] of play from our players.

I learned rather quickly that even good players will donk it up at times. They often use "excuses" as well it was worth a look, it was sooooted, or I had enough chips to look up you to justify doing some horribly bad things.

So, even when you think you are playing at a certain level you might find that isn't always the case.

The key is, like you said, to adjust.