Monday, May 24, 2010

Got my act together?

Although I did not fare well in the $100k (did not win a single showdown), I felt like I did not play poorly.  So I guessed I was not shocked when I finally made a deep BBT run last night.  But with 18 left through 10 left, I rode a rollercoaster of chips up and down. 

With 12 left, I had AA and somehow, FTrain managed to lay down AK pre-flop to my 3bet.   Based on the stack sizes and being short handed (and his perpetual 5ht place finishes) I did not think he could lay it down.  I win, but miss value. 

I also opted to 3 bet all-in my KK which I knew would result in the hand ending, but did not know what I would do when a Ace flopped.   The hand that force me to take on racing was with FUEL.  Now we are SIX handed and he makes a cutoff raise.  I think, but decide to CALL on the button with KsQ.  The flop comes King high and when he makes his c-bet (and I have him covered), I shove.  In retrospect, this is not a great play as he folds all but AA, KK, AK (or a set) which beat me.   But its still awful luck that he has AA, I get KQ AND flop a King high TP.

The rest of the game was races, and I eventually lost one (AJ vs. TT?) and thus I was final table bubble boy.

BUT.  I am playing smart again. 

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