Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I dont know nothin about nothin if its not about me.

Quote courtesy of Santonio Holmes (NFL WR).   I was out 4th in the BBT Rail event last night.  I lost a big race with AQs vs. 55 at the end and was crippled.  I can't complain though, since my earlier AQ cracked KK. 

There were times I played too tight, but no times where I played too loose.  I again 3-bet all-in my aces with 6 or less left.  So be it.  It's easy to be a Monday morning QB.

But there were some very interesting situations.  With 5 left, Mike Mahoney had like 90k in chips and to his left Buddy dank (SB) had like 1200 and Sell the Kids had like 7300 in the BB.  It folded around to MM in the button and he folded.  I thought about that for a while.  I am betting 8k in the dark there.

Buddy raised my BB next hand with 2300 in chips and its the 500/1000 level.  So its 1300 more for me to call with my 74o.  I wanted to fold, but figured I had two live and the math said call.  Impossibly, he has K4 and I am dead to a 7.  I double him up.

Eventually, Dank will go broke and the 4 of us will play for close to 30 minutes before I go out on the AQs vs. 55 hand.  With 3 stacks around 30k, that is alot of stealing going on at the 500/1000 level. 

I really, really wanted that top 2 spot, but in the end its down to a clash of two hands where I came out on the short end.

Good Luck to everyone in the ToC, there is but 1 qualifying MTT left on Wed.  (the tournament formerly known as da Mookie)

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