Saturday, May 22, 2010

Probably the WORST time to ask

...based on how I ran the last two weeks...  But does anyone want to buy/swap 5% of my second $1500 event (event 11)??  If I don't play for any reason, then your money is 100% refunded.  I'll be twittering at the end of every level for both tournaments (including #anteup).


doug said...

I'm guessing you're playing two WSOP events? Is that what the offer is all about? $75 for 5% stake?

Have you thought about playing a few deep stack tournaments instead? The $550 tournaments at Venetian are GREAT value.

Mike said...

I'm playing in that event also (and event #16). I'd be happy to get a piece of you. Or if nothing else, meet the Great Lt!