Friday, May 07, 2010

Ironic or Iconic?

Not so much as an accurate title for the post, but it flows off the tongue well...

Right after having a discussion with another player who told me (correctly) that I have been very results oriented as of late, I AGAIN run KK in LP into AA in a turbo, and then in the $42k tighten way up and have to win two races just to get to $10k in chips (avg is now 12.5k) and I see a min-raise from my right and I am in the cutoff with JJ.  Great spot to shove and take down $2k in chips.  Despite only having to get through the button and blinds, someone wakes up with KK (not the min-raiser who bailed as predicted) and knocks me out.

If I play small-ball, I am not winning big pots.  When I play long-ball, I continue to run into monsters as critical times.

I am always afraid of "fooling myself" into thinking I am playing well when I am tanking, but seriously...  I look over the situations and the hands, and I am looking like the ass-end of variance here.  I continue to monitor the situation, but gez.  It's time to be extra cognizant.


Memphis MOJO said...

Ironic or Iconic?

I lake it.

Memphis MOJO said...

Can't spell: I LIKE it

carbide said...

I'm honored to be quoted! Like we talked about you are sure to be due for some run good soon!