Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lost at Sea

I have no coherent thoughts on yesterday.  Somehow, someway, I seem to find the most ingenious ways to get my money in behind.  Last night, I folded AQ 4 times pre-flop and even folded 88 to a 3 bet, but in the end still ran 1/2 my stack into AA and then again ran the rest in vs. AA.  Wow.  I feel as LOST as, well, serial TV writers...

I'll continue to look for answers, after all.  I am somehow compelled not to give up.   But man, this is a dark time for my game.

I am looking forward to the Old West immersion of Red Dead Redemption next week on the XBOX to give me a distraction.

1 comment:

Don said...

I know how you feel. Of all the poker tables running in AIPS, I get PokerGeek on my left. His shear presence puts me on tilt.