Monday, May 17, 2010

In shock

Wow, another crash-and-burn in the BBT5 last night.  Check out this run.

Hand 1:  Flopped a flush draw.  On the turn, pick up a gutshot and still have one over.  I decide to bet.  My thinking is that I am out of position and the board looks scary.  If I bet and my opponent folds, fine.  If he calls, I may be able to bluff the river.  It was a calculated backwards play, trying to disguise a draw.  It failed and I had to fold to a check raise.

Hand 2: I Raise with JJ.  The Flop is Qxx.  I call three small but increasing bets (the turn was a blank also). villain reveals QT.  I dont know if a big bet would have worked when the K fell on the river.  But since the villain fired the 3rd bullet, I just called.

Hand 3: JJ again.  1 opponent.  Flop is T73 rainbow.  I bet pot and get check raised.  I have 1000 chips left now of the starting 3000 and this player saw me fold to the previous check -raise.

Can you fold?  Before you answer, think about this:  The MTT only pays top 2% (top 2 places only).


doug said...

No fold... put him on K/10 or some draw. Too bad you lost!

pokerpeaker said...

Nope. I can't fold. Def put him on top pair there.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Even if you think you *might* be beat at the end there, I don't see how you can possibly fold any overpair with only 1k in chips left so early in this field.

Sounds like you played a solid, if not a bit loose-aggressive, game, and it did not work out for you. Try it out again in tonight's PFTR tournament I guess.