Saturday, February 25, 2006

I am Jack's inflamed sense of rejection

Last night I played in a chaotic rebuy tournament. I felt obligated to make questionable calls during the rebuy in order to attempt to not get short stacked. Despite my efforts, I went into the add-on period with less than the starting stack size and this after TWO rebuys.

So, I am 1/2 of average and the game is just starting... But I am a pretty not-awful player. I start accumulating information on players. Mostly who plays TPBK (top pair bad kicker) too hard after the rebuys have stopped. Each time I have a hand, I am in. But I RARELY had a hand. As a matter of fact, playing solid was killing me...

I am Jack's futile response...

I manage now to get involed in two big hands where I actaully figure out I am behind. But I pull the rip cord and escape. But to what end? I could not afford to be right. What I needed was to play loose and get lucky. Yeah right. That just is not my nature and not my style. So, despite not having chips, and needing to win hands, I survive elimination not once but twice by escaping on a good read.

I realize at this point though, that my reads invovled basic knowledge. I am not playing the players very well, just their tendancies. I dont "read" people well, just study their patterns. It works in tournaments, but in cash games, I am often the sucker at the table.

I am short stacked but coming back. The blinds are going up, but I still have an M of about 15 despite my Q of .6. UtG limps, button raises to 3xBB. So, not wanted to get caught drawing out of position, I fold JTs in the SB. Good play or bad? Well, 95% of the time its a good play. But this time the button had 56s and the flop is 789. That's right, my miracle flop and I was not even in the hand. He doubled up on that hand. I probably would have tripled up.

I am Jack's raging bile duct.

But, remember the TPBK guys? Well, now there are 14 players left and I now have an AVERAGE chip stack (for 10 minutes). That's right, they doubled my up not once, but TWICE playing horrible hands. But I am playing too solid to keep up with the the
lag-jones'. Despite my concenrs, my Q is .9 and I am not worried. Fast forward and there are SEVEN left (including your humble narrator) with 3 short stacks (including your truly again) and paying 5. So, intent on making sure I DONT miss the money, I am TIGHT... But I know I need to switch it up here to not be a victim. But an observation keeps me in check.

I note that the remaining players will STILL pay off made hands. GEZ. So, ok tight it is. Lots of flops, few turns. Then I am in the SB again. Limper early, button raises to 25k which is 5xBB. BUT, I know he likes to button steal and will do it with even a connector like J9. So, I look down at AQs and have a decision. Or do I? Can I get a better opportunity? I mean I only have 11BB left anyways. the blinds are SO high, I have to take a shot. And I expect I am ahead. I push all in and the limper folds. The raiser goes into the tank and then says he's priced in. (not sure of that, but he is NOT a short stack). He calls with 9T. The flop is 678. (Yes, really). I am out. Out of the money, out of luck.

I am Jack's lost hopes and dreams...

Then I get talked into a cash side game. I am doing pretty well. We are short handed and there are some rounds of Omaha H/L, which I am pretty good at. I am up about 20% and I am in the cutoff with A9s (NLHE). I raise and get two callers (half the table in the hand). I like my odds. When the flop comes AQ9 rainbow I am exstatic. But when it rains... Check, Check, I bet. The turn is a ten. Check, check. I dont like the T as it opens up nasty possible hands. I bet the pot to drive out draws and get one caller. The river is another Queen. He checks. I am in position and my two pair is cheated. I have half my stack in a hand and I could just check. But, I expect this is a split pot and I figure I may get him to fold. So I bet into the made straight. KJ. One of the few times I realize I can make a value bet and its the time I should not. What did I think he was chasing with, TP? Probably. I had no good read and I just plain wanted to win a big hand for once. Instead I created one. Why did he check? I read this as the weakness. And I was right, he was NOT slow playing. He was worried about me having the boat. So he checked and I drew up the wrong conclusion.

I am Jack's failure to communicate...

Ironic component to this post? I DID just buy new chairs for our kitchen table earlier this week. At least, despite everything else, I have those kitchen chairs taken care of...

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