Friday, February 10, 2006

the thinking mans game

Wanna feel smart, then watch me be stupid and feel superior.

I am playing in a 50 person tournament and we are down to about 18. I have an avg stack, but we are at shorthanded tables. I find myself playing 6 handed. I am alternating aggressive and tight, because two others are being aggressive also. Then I get JJ under the gun. I get cute and limp. Only the BB calls (checks). Then flop is A66

I know he is aggressive, but throws me when he makes a 1.5 times pot bet. I notice he only has another .35 left after that, so he is committed. Why? My logic is that he has an Ace with a weak kicker and because of that I fold.

But now I have lots of time to think about it. And think about it. and think about it. And then realize I made a BIG mistake. First of all, I played like am amateur crane. Stuck my neck out and withdrew at the first sign of resistance. But secondly, I failed to review "my story". "My story" is what the other player must conclude about your hand based on how you played it to this point. My story on this hand was a SMALL pocket pair. I have a BIG pocket pair. If you are going to get cute with this hand, then you need to follow through. I did not. Instead I played the hand exactly like it WAS a small pair, like an idiot I might add.

At the end of the night I asked him about the hand. "10 10" he said proudly, "I knew you didn't have and Ace and could not call the bet." Well, he was half right.

"Learning all da'time" -Benny Hill (as a sex crazed foreigner pretending to not understand his obviosuly perverse actions)

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