Monday, July 02, 2007

BBT ends with a bang

Well, I played in my first "Blogger Big Game" last night, since it was the last event in the BBT series. I consider it a tad expensive for my online bankroll, but I certainly like the competition.

I had more volatility than i expected in this high level game. I had to get away from a middle pair with flush redraw because the other player pushed on the turn. Then worked it back to starting size.

Then I pushed the hammer into a player on a stone cold bluff, only to be shown a SET of Tens and losing half my stack. The very next hand, *I* am dealt Tens, flop a set, and double up against QQ to be back at starting stack size. Online poker is rigged.

I work it up to about 25% over start stack size, when this happens. Folded to me in MP and I have QJo. I decide to limp since the table was tight the last few hands. The button MIN-RAISES and I am the only caller. The flop is all undercards with two clubs and we both check. The turn is a Q. He bets. I raise, he calls. River is the 3rd club and we both check. He has AQ and now I am just below start stack size.

10 minutes later, I am in MP. UtG limp. I have KK and make it 3xBB. The player to my left, who has just a few more chips than me, raises it 3x my bet. This is almost 1/2 my stack to call. The blinds and the UtG fold. I have a reasonable expectation here of the following:

He has AK and he is going to call as a big dog.
He has QQ or JJ and he is going to call as a big dog.
He has AA and has me crushed.
He has the hammer and will fold to any push.

I reason that since my Q<1, that I am totally justified in disregarding AA and trying to get his stack in there.

I am also reasonably sure than if I push, he will call. I really think he has AK and I am a 4-1. If I KNOW he has AK, could I possibly fold? I mean, I am a 4-1 favorite and I believe if I ever folded KK to AK, then I would have to quit playing poker because I had become a tit-mouse.

I push, he calls with AK. Ace on the flop and IGHN.

I think I will play the big game again...

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StatikKling said...

I would have loved to play the BBG, but my bankroll gave me the finger and when I had time to actually sit down at the virtual felt, the BBG would have hit level 6..

And whoever the AK player was, is a donk. That's a huge race to play, KNOWING that you have a made hand already. You are not a LAG player, he has to assume that you have AA or KK.. At BEST he/she had to know that he/she had one live card, and that it was most likely an underdog. I do not see you pushing there with QQ or AK Columbo.. The other player just got lucky.

Then again, for me to give out poker advise is the same as me performing brain surgery.. (I am /not/ a brain surgeon.)