Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Beware the Trips

I went broke TWICE last night playing poker, both times with trips. (And I doubled up with them once). I did notice something that maybe I haven't noticed in the past. When you have trips and someone Pushes into you, they likely have an overpair and are about to go broke. When you have trips and you might have kicker problems, the push wont come until after you look committed. Interesting, huh? As you think about this, it seems more and more obvious that "of course" its that way...

I have also noted that when you have JT and iht trips on the flop or turn, you OFTEN will be surprised by KJ or AJ (or KT/AT if trip tens). I am not saying to play trips scared, but I am saying that if your M>20, you had better be prepared to get away from trips in the right situation. Still, it will be hard.

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