Thursday, July 19, 2007

A post from Tilty McTilt

What's all this I hear about "Zen and poker"?! Bah! To play poker is to tilt, and to live live fully, you need to tilt it up like a weasel looking at a falling bird. Last night, I tilted after I had to fold middle pair. Middle Pair people! I did not even expect to be ahead and when I got pushed into, I tilted!

And watching KOD tilt, after his OESD got called by TPBK, just plain inspired me. I think he pushed an OESD on the turn in an early level and was surprised when TP called him, despite extolling this strategy on his blog! Just his luck to run into a reader. But he tilted off in chat. And that actually affected me! HOW? (I honestly don't know!) It makes no sense. How can someone ELSE'S exit affect my tilt?!

And what does one do when he is on irrational tilt? That's right! He Multi-Tables RAZZ. I had 3 to 8 or better with an Ace over a DOZEN times in the first 15 minutes and lost all but the 12th one. Then with not even a full raise left in my stack AND the bring-in, doubled up 3 times in a row?! Now that's tilt people! We need to be trying harder out there!

And just a comment on the mookie and the buddydank radio show that accompanies it. I love it.

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