Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hello, I must be going!

A 10 minute mookie for me last night. 50 players. Early on, I am playing A8 on a flop of T97. He bets, I call. The turn is the 6 and I figure we are going to split or he has 2 pair. He bets, I raise, he calls. River is another T. I check, he bets 870 (a pot size bet) and calling seems mandatory. After all, what are the odds that he has Quads? Oh, he has Quads.

So, 1/3 of my chips left and I flop TPTK and convince a OESD to call my all-in. Hits it on the river. IGHN. QED.


Delik James said...

Hi, your post caught my attention.
I'm really enjoying your site and look forward to going back on some of your archives. I've just created my own - hopefully you'll check it out.
Would you mind if I put your blog's link?


Julius_Goat said...

Hey, I'll do the Groucho Marx shtick, thank you very much.