Monday, September 24, 2007

when you go head-hunting, take a BIG gun

My foray into the 26k Sunday...

[an hour passes]

At the first break. Only interesting hand to this point is an AK. Utg limps and I am Utg+1. I raise it up and it folds around the Utg who moves all-in. The old limp re-raise with AA. But for some reason that I cant explain, I don’t put him on AA/KK So I call and see his QQ.
I win the race with an Ace on the flop. I played a few other hands, but none make it to the turn. At the break, my Q is just under 1. My M is about 19-20 at the next level.

First hand after the break

Gave about 550 back bluffing with KQ on a ragged flop, heads up, with a player checking. After I made the continuation bet, he check-raised me all-in and I insta folded.
5365 in chips now, avg 3300

Lots of folding… Lots more folding…
4800 and avg now.

Then, I raise pre-flop Utg to 2.5xBB with KQ and the big stack calls. He is drawing and accidentally hits a pair on the river.
The very next hand, I flop TP and have to fold to an all-in who obviously had a middle pair like 88 which just became an over-pair.
On the ropes at 3300 (avg 5400)

Folded. Correct?

Its all going in…
Picked up the blinds and the limper chips…
Not good enough… its slipping away…

This doesn’t work out for me… he re-raises all in from the back… its almost over.

Antes started, no time to waste.

I folded this? But I need to get lucky!
About 20-25 from the money. I change my focus from winning to cashing…

3395 at second break. 146th of 191, pays 180. 11 left to the money. Chips at point 181 = 1500. So I am twice the bubble boy.

Are you freaking kidding me?

I am bubble-boy... FREAK!


Mike Maloney said...

I was the bubble boy in that once. Pissed me off, too. At some point in time I had just decided that I was going to fold to the cash, then ended up liking my hand and pushing only to lose. I guess if you're going to switch your strategy to just focus to cashing it's important to stick with it.

bayne_s said...

I hate the folding to the money. To quote Herm Edwards "You play to win the game"

Did you at least get BBT points?

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog just by searching poker on google... I'm digging it.

When I have time I'll become a regular reader, and perchance learn some things from ya. 8)

emptyman said...

Just a guess, but I'm thinking you didn't sit down to invest $26 and 3+ hours to get paid $43 for a tidy profit of $17.

Solid hand, I'm on the rail there too. Doubling would give you more than enough chips to start climbing the ladder again. If you're going to fold there, may as well unplug the modem and check your account balance tomorrow.

columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

I am comfortable with my action here. Its not the amount, its the fact that I did not even have the chips to fold to the money. I still needed to be chip-hunting.

This looked like a good spot.

Poker Bully said...

I hate your limping with small pocket pairs in early position. Raise or fold if you are first in the pot. A lot of the stacks you are letting into the pot are not big enough to get value out of flopping trips. Your stack is not big enough to get value if you are set hunting.

With 10-15 BB look for chances to resteal and add 4-6 BB to your stack. That may give you enough room to maneuver and if you get called and double up, then you can play real poker again.