Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yet Another Cliche'

I have been experimenting as of late, with a much more aggressive style. I have 4 results, twice squeaked inside the bubble, once was the bubble, and then that old cliche'...

I ran Kings into Aces. But really, in a FREEROLL, with 8 left and I am the shorty, is it correct to fold KK in any situation pre-flop? I doubt it.

Tonight I will play in a tournament with a strange front-loaded structure. 110 chips, blinds start at 1/2 and creep up to 5/10, then go bonkers. So, you need to accumulate chips fast. Even at the 3/6 level, you really needed to have doubled up already. This is a strucutre where Q matters very little. You need to get chips fast and race ahead. Should prove interesting the way I have been playing.

Thoughts on reading players and situations:
Early in a tournament, I usually retreat from aggression because the pots are small enough to give up and the players are making big bets to get paid off, not to bluff.

In the End Stages, I read situation and players pretty well.

In the MIDDLE STAGES, I am completely lost in large fields. I mean, its all about the pot size. I cant see how you can win big pots and accumulate chips in these stages unless 1 oo 2 things happen:
1. You are betting with a big draw and it hits. (You have to be betting BEFORE you make the hand).
2. Some idiot will call a push with second best hand.

If you have neither of the above 2, you have to be a freakin maniac pushing players out of mid-sized pots to get chips.

The bigger the field, the harder the reads.

Am I missing something simple here?

Other random NFL thoughts:

I am SO happy that the guy on Buffalo that went down with the spinal may be recovering. The latest word has shifted from pessimistic to optimistic. Thank goodness. No one deserves that.

Pats Picking Signs? Duh. But continuing using a photograpaher, when you almost got caught twice before? Just dumb.


Anonymous said...

There's a reason "running kings into aces" is a cliche. It's because everyone does it, and unless you have 100 BBs or more, you'd be dumb to try to avoid it.

emptyman said...

Fold KK. Always.

I can completely get with your comments about the middle of MTT's. I'm also playing solid poker, and getting to the middle almost every time, but then also floundering around hoping people will just gift me some chips or something.

It reminds me of chess -- opening, middle game and endgame. Middle game is without a doubt the most chaotic, the most about feel, and the simplest to get lost in. No familiarity (as in openings), but no simplification (as in endgame).