Tuesday, September 04, 2007

High Stakes Poker Returns

The comment this year "Not in the Grid", referring to the Phil Hellmuth & his imaginary chart of 1 degree of seperation personal contacts, got me thinking about my favorite poker expressions (other than the Hammer, of course).

  • Hope-a-Tron (also from HSP)
  • Donkey-Draw (Drawing to a straight or flush which will only use 1 of your hole cards)
  • weeeeeeeeeee!
  • A-x is GOLD! (most sarcastic bloggers)
  • Crushered (being totally dominated with a hand like QTo) I miss this one.
  • The Ace-Rag Army! (Drizz nickname for donks)
  • DQB!

and of course

  • K-O-D


Mike Maloney said...

I prefer an 'h' in my 'wheeeeeeeee'

Ingoal said...

What about...

- "Hoyed"/"Reverse hoyed"
- jackAce
- smtl
- ...

??? :-)

bayne_s said...

And where are: