Saturday, January 26, 2008

I've lost my mojo baby

I could be any number of factors contributing to my recent bad performances, but I chalk it up to one over-riding factor. I've been unable to do what I do best. When people watch my game, they usually don't notice anything special. But if you look under the hood, I do two things exceedingly well. I allow strategy to trump tactics, and I am freaking Houdini when it comes to escaping from "second best hands".

But in the last two weeks, that second part of my game has vanished. I have lost the last 4 tournaments with TP vs. SET. If you go broke every time you run into a set, you're not a good poker player. Bold statement I know, don't get offended. But I believe that. You cant just resign yourself to just not running TP into a set for all your chips. But that is exactly what I have done 4 tournaments in a row. But I am examining why...

Its because I want chips. I have been a little envious of people who build enormous chip stacks and I have been trying to emulate that, despite it not playing to my strengths. Why? Because I know when I enter a WSOP event, I wont have the luxury of it being a 100 or less MTT. Not even close. I have to assume at least 1000 players, even if I play 6 handed. (This is, of course, the lone remaining argument for the shootout format).

Just one problem with the above explanation. I lost 50 Big Bets playing cash last week. The loss what mostly on 2 very big hands. Guess what they were? Yup, TP vs. SET against a shorter stack.

I am not sure what to do...

Speaking of not knowing what to do, I am expecting a couple of career offers next week. Both will help me escape this downhill city. But one is in San Fran, which is incredibly expensive. I await the offers... But leaving your home of 30 years isn't easy, even if its downtrodden.

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lj said...

sf is expensive, but such a great city. go an hour or two (or less in some cases) in any direction and you've got beautiful ocean, gorgeous mountains to ski and hills to hike. city itself is a bit too hilly for my taste (riding a bike around is a bitch), but the restaurants are fantastic!

good luck!