Thursday, January 17, 2008


Mookie-luau, Mookie-luau
Its the Mookie-luau, the Mookie-luau, the Mookie-luau

A little tiki ditty I wrote in my head as I sat down last night to play the Mookie. In a VERY uncharacteristic (but valid move), I pushed a flush draw with an over into a defending bet because my Q was about .6

I hit the flush and that took me back to very healthy. I was never quite that bold again. Except that once the bubble arrived (at about 12, paid 8), I became the "unchallenged stealer". Ironically, this dissapointed me to no end, as I watched AA, QQ, and AA again go unchallenged despite it looking like I was taking advantage.

Oh, well. I achievd half of a goal. I cashed deep in the mookie, taking 4th. I could have had a bit more patience and took third, but at the 4 mark I was looking for chips to challenge for the win and got way too frsiky with A-rag.

But I ask you, what is your range for Ax when there are 4 players left?!

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Joe (aka Unimpressed) said...

At that point my range includes, A, even if my X was accidentally mucked.

PS- I haven't won many tournaments.