Monday, January 28, 2008

Let's talk flop OUU

It's poker's equivalent of the Bermuda Trianlge in terms of knowing "where your at". Its the middling pair on a flop of OVERCARD - UNDERCARD UNDERCARD.

example: 88 on a flop of J75 rainbow.

To me its the hardest, best test of post flop play. If more than 2 players see the flop, I assume I am behind and proceed with escape on my mind. But if I am heads-up, I intent to fight for this pot.

Would you rather be the aggressor, trying to pressure your opponent into folding? Or would you rather keep the pot small in the hopes of a showdown?

If I have position, the choices are a tad easier, but not by much. I want to apply pressure on the flop, but if he sticks around to the turn I have a real tough choice. I would rather not invest more at this point, but if I give the appearance that I've given up, I am going to get blown off the hand.

To me, this is one of those giant "read" situations where I press based on the table images now. If I a viewed as tight, and he'll make a big laydown, rest assured I'll fire that second barrel. All things being unknown, I will have to give it up because I cant call 2 more streets.

In the off chance I hit my set on the turn or the river, its a miracle and I got lucky.

If my opponent makes a considerable continuation bet on the flop, however, is there anything to go on other than intuition?

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Fuel55 said...

I lose so much here with JJ-99.