Sunday, January 06, 2008

to each his own

I was playing in my WSOP league last night, and about a 1/3 of the way through a frustrated player said "Tournaments are all luck, cash games are skill". I couldn't let it go. I ribbed him about it all night. (I hope he is not too mad). But, here I am, a tournament specialist. The two point leaders myself and another are neck in neck, making 5 of the 6 final tables each.

I recently crushed "Donkey Challenge #2" (CASH in 7 of 10 Sit N Gos), by cashing in my last TEN Sit N Goes.

I was the money leader for all of 2007 on Monday nights (Mondays at the Hoy).

Luck? LUCK?!

Here is the thing. I am not a good cash game player. Why? Because my game style is geared towards tournaments (of 100 or less). And the fewer players the better. Its emphaiszes strategy over tactics, and the 3Ds (see previous post) vs. aggression. I can hold my own at the 1-2 tables, grinding out profits, but its not what I do best.

I am took a rare stance and defended my preference. Normally, I wouldn't care.

I finished 3rd last night. With 3 left, both players were LAGs who had accumulated big stacks. They both had me 2-1 in chips. If we would have quick and had a good night's sleep and resumed in the morning, I think I could have beaten them. Instead, a very tired columbo bet his TP poor kicker, and LAG #1 made a big reraise. LAGs only do this with big hands. I should have at least put him on K-better kicker, but instead just called to see AA. I went home very tired and went to bed.

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