Friday, June 06, 2008

Feh (WSOP event#9 recap)

Event #9 in the WSOP has come and mostly gone. Just under 1300 runners, down to 70 at end of day1. For someone in there first WSOP event, I have to say it was very non intimidating. I had no pros at my tables and I did not feel out gunned at any time. I was surprised at the stacks, however, as 3000 chips is considerable less than it is online where you get twice the number of hands per hour. In reality, it was down right few.

After level 1, I had added 500 chips and into level 2 added about 500 chips. With $4k, I got 1000 in pre-flop with two black Aces against a loose caller, which I was very happy about, only to see a flop of KdQdJd and the caller move all in with a flopped straight, afraid of an Ad. Just like that, I am back to 3000. Bad news Aces cracked, good news, he leaped for the endgame when he was way ahead. Now, this same player goes on a tear. I mean a TEAR. He starts hitting every flop and accumulating chips. Showdowns confirm his lack of bluffing. As his stack grows to about 8000, he starts getting more and more bold in being the first to raise.

When you play 6max, this is a big warning sign. You can't just play for chips, you have to do some table control. You cant avoid it. I start making stands by coming over the top. This guy's pattern was to go into the tank, count out the chip, then fold. I had seen him do it 5 previous times, so I felt he did not like to get played back at. I did this to him twice and each time he backed off.

Despite getting those AA chips back, I still only have about $4k in chips and the avg is now 6k after the break. I open UtG with AT and this guy calls from the button (he did this ALOT). My opening requirements had been decent each time, so I might even get credit for a bigger hand.
Flop is AK3. Without hesitation, I move all in, knowing its the right move.
  1. I am probably ahead and a smaller bet is too risky. The pot is already 2k.
  2. I am establishing that he should not just "try to see flops with me" every time and instead save that for the other 4 players.
  3. In the off chance he has AJ, the move might get him to lay it down (50/50)
  4. If I dont win this hand, I have only 2k in chips and on life support.
  5. If he thinks I am bluffing and calls with a K, I will double up.
He goes in to the tank, counts his chips like he always does, gets ready to fold and then out of the blue says, "I am only behind AQ". (wouldn't you be behind AK too?). He calls with AJ and IGHN.

So frustrating this trip. Even in cash games, 3 TOP SETS all 3 down in flames to flushes, 3 pocket Aces, all down in flames. Even so I am up in cash games (if you dont count drunk monkey chips at the IP at 2am playing 2-4 HORSE. weeeeeeeeee)

Some just went to the Caesars mega stack $330 and I am going to skip that just because of the FT tomorrow at 2pm local (megastacks are 2 day events). But I am SURE I will get in some good play tonight at the MGM.


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Aiight Ray, nice run in the shorthanded WSOP. You almost have to play hard and fast like your elimination hand in that thing. I will never forget how sickly aggro the tournament had gotten even before dinner break or so just 6 or 7 hours in to the event.

Enjoy the rest of your stay! Wish I could have seen you there this time around.

Fuel55 said...

You definitely need a new shirt.