Thursday, May 28, 2009

66 does me in

Its funny that on Monday I did not want to play 66 from EP and instead went out on AJ vs. 33. So color me red when I played 66 and was re-raised from the ginormous stack on the button. I called and saw a flop of T83 and he CHECKS.

Now either he has JJ-AA OR he has big overs. But when he checked, I pushed. At the time, I figured I scare a big range of his holdings and I represent a hand like JJ also. But today, I realize that his CHECK instead of a c-bet to a short stack is an invitation to go broke. So I dressed up to the nines and he welcomed me at the door with Top Set.

I think I was in trouble here no matter what, but to not recognize that simple betting line has me in a panic.

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