Monday, May 18, 2009


OMG, just I just play a hand like a donkey.

Limper, I make it 4xBB, BB calls, original limper calls. Flop is 989. chcek, check to me. I make a c-bet of 2/3rds the port with an overpair of JJ.

Like that bet? Well, I c-bet into 2 players. But not necessarily incorrect. I am able to assume that one player hit a card higher than 8 (a 9 in this case), but since there are two of them, its just as valid to think they both missed. so far, still ok.

BB now RAISES to 3x my bet. original limper folds.
AS HARD AS IT IS here to put the BB on A9, QQ, KK or even AA, I feel stupid because once again I make a QUICK decision and get it all in. Now to be fair, if I CALL here, the money is going in over the next 2 streets because he has KK.

Its a hard read here, but I was 11th in chips and did not need to play a big pot with a pair. At the same time, how do I put the BB on KK? (TripJax played this tricky and got a great flop for it I think, considering there were 3 to the flop.)


matt tag said...

tough one. This comes down to 3rd level thinking - what does your opponent think YOU have?

If your play has been such that he believes you might be bluffing/c-betting here, then he could do this with a wide range of hands, including hands that you beat. (such as overs like AK).

If your play has been "in line" and your opponent has no reason to think you would bet the pot with nothing, then he has given you a strong indication that he has you beat. I can't see many hands he might do this with that don't beat JJ (maybe TT)

I've been told that when I die and see a poker table sitting before me, I should sit down and play a few hands before assuming that I have gone on to my great reward. If I get dealt JJ 3 hands in a row, then fire and brimstone are soon to follow...

Blazman said...

Hey Colombo. We had the guys from Lord Admiral on our show this week. We talk about you a lot. Check it out.


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I think you need to find it within yourself to lay down overpairs -- especially overpairs that aren't AA, KK or QQ to be sure -- against pressure on the flop and especially on the turn, unless you have a good reason to think you are ahead. I find, with hands like TT and JJ especially, I used to go busto with those hands more than anything else, until I finally made a conscious decision to stop running into so many overpairs. Now I'm not saying you should lay down the JJ preflop, but when you bet your overpair and get raised, with a hand like JJ you are in a world of hurt in reality far more than you are good. The guy could have just QQ or KK and you're toast, let alone all the ways he could have hit on the flop.