Friday, May 15, 2009

situations and thoughts

ok, mostly thoughts.

mini-Ftops is worthless. I want to see if I can hold my own in a RAZZ tournament, so I sign up for mini-ftops Razz. 1200 players? In a limit game? what for 24 hours? gez. I bowed out. FTOP razz was more reasonable at 400, but its was a $300 buy-in. so I guess I can continue to fool myself a while longer.

Working on my game going into the final training stretch before Vegas. My results in the last 6 months are all over the place, and yet I am playing incredibly well as of late.

How many of you have lost to QUADS 3 times in 2 weeks?

"thought I'd something more to say..."

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OhCaptain said...

At my bar poker league, I've now lost to quads 5 times since the end of February.