Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Psychology of Self Improvement

I have been thinking about this for quite some time... I remember even in grad school, the words of one professor. "You are very good at making decisions. But sometimes you make them too quickly." Still true to this day? Yes, albeit to a lesser extent, but yes. So what is a repeat offender to do?

I am going to try something drastic. I physical manifestation of a mnemonic device. (Sounds all doctory, doesn't it?)

This is a small object (not a chip) that I can hold in my hand and rub/stroke (heh) to remind me to think longer and more completely before a hand.

This is not the first mnemonic I ever used, as in my early days I had a sticker of the professor from Powerpuff girls on my monitor asking me "flush?" to remind me of the number of times (way too many) that I was paying off flushes. And it worked. Very effective.

I am off right now to locate said object and to try out my desperate grasp at control in the 32k today.

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