Tuesday, June 30, 2009

KK revisited

Its interesting to ask the question this way:

You are approaching the final stretches of a MTT and its 6 to the money. You have KK and there are 2 all-ins in front of you. If you move all-in, you either finish 1st or 12th (pays 6). If you fold, you finish 6th just in the money.

What's more important? Cashing or playing to win?
Last night I played to CASH. Why? Not sure. But when I play SnG's, I play much tighter than any other situation. In cash game or large field MTT, I shove here.

So why do I fold in a SnG? I was thinking at the time that the goal in an SnG is the cash. Is that correct or wrong?


Memphis MOJO said...

I think it depends on the answer to this question:

What does 6th pay and what does 1st pay?

Mike Heffner said...

no one is good enough, with these stack sizes, this structure, and this far from the money, to fold KK preflop.

snap reshove and flop a K, obv.

Bayne_S said...

1st = 2.5x bottom cash in 9s, 4x bottom cash in 18s so I think you play for 1st