Tuesday, June 09, 2009

TOC wrap-up

Congrats to the winners. 44 runners, paid 4 places. I finished in the middle of the pack. Even worse, I died a slow death. I never did get "a bit lucky". I watched some unknown shlub run his TPTK into ck's AA when they had 5k behind. ARKM? My BIGGEST pot of the first two hours was 1000 chips when a couple of players overplayed pairs on a straight board and I put in a big raise with second nuts. That was IT. Nada. Even when I attempted moves, I got pwned 3 out of 3 times). Adding insult to injury, I avoided races and bad situations all day, even folding 88 to a ck re-raise (she rarely comes in light) and finally had to win my first race against 55 and came up empty (0 for 1). This is not a set of winning stats.

I am disappointed that I could not capitalize on this great opportunity 2 years in a row. (Last year I was 21st and went out early in TOC, this year I was 16th and went out mid-way in the TOC.)

And finally, a BIG shout-out to Full Tilt and AlCantHang which not only sponsored this series, but continues to understand better than most how to cultivate brand loyalty. Running a BBT series is a thankless job at times, and Al took one for the team this year. Remember to buy him a shot of SO-CO in December.

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