Sunday, June 07, 2009

My lower RIO in poker

Middle stages and M is between 9 and 20. AK or AQ in EP or MP.

Miss flop? Expect that either c-bet will get raised or check will get punished.
Hit the flop? Expect folds when you bet.

Odds of hitting flop are 3-1, pay off on hit = 2 to 1.

Your milage may vary, but the scenario is far too common to me as of late.
Position. Don't leave home without it.


Sofa King We Todd Did said...

Im pretty convinced that early position AQ and AK are neutral EV at best but you cant just play queens or better there. I like checking a few more flops when I hit them of have over pairs so my checks wont get punished as much cause sometimes I will be trapping. If I have a hard head behind me I like to put a pot sized "get outta my pot" continuation bet out there cause they are was less likely to try a move. Not everytime though. Basically if anyone with any credibility does make a move behind Im just screwed and basically have to fold the best hand a lot. Anyway I know what you mean about them folding when you have it and raising when you dont. Im sure that just perception and selective memory but its also a little true because if you dont have it they have a higher probability of having it.

Surfer Earning Free said...

Well Said Sofa. Nice page here also wannabe. Good Luck guys.