Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The WSOP approaches

I leave in a week and I have a schedule all worked out now.

Wednesday night, play cards with Lee Childs (of acumen poker) and pick up any last minute tips and get into the right mindset.

Thursday noon - Caesar's deep-stack tourney (with a friend from Chicago playing also).

Saturday - Event 39

Monday - Return

I have for the 50th billionth time, I have adjusted my strategy going into a tournament. Everyone has probably heard the most basic strategy ever (still professed by Phil Gordon).

1. What is my opponent likely holding?
2. Do I think I am ahead (bet) or behind (dont bet).

Here is my strategy going into the next 2 weeks.

1. What range am I narrowing in on for my opponent? (can I get action from a hand that is behind?)
2. Based on pot size, what is the current "pressure point" bet?
3. What "betting lines" are we in the midst of?
4(implied). What is my best course of action?

At times I feel like Spicolli explaining how he can fix a car because his Dad has this "ultimate set of tools". Playing this game as long as I have now, I really have the tools I need. And that short above list is deceptively simple, yet VERY powerful. (Want to prove it? Write it down and hold it while watching an episode of High Stakes Poker.)

Adding this checklist to the other tools in the bag (too long to list), I feel I have what I need. It's a matter of execution.


Jordan said...

Not for nothing, Columbo, but aren't you concerned about over-thinking things? My suggestion is that you stay in the moment.

SixMile said...

Good luck we expect a full trip report when you arrive back in the D.