Friday, October 16, 2009

Betting Lines

Ok, fill in the gaps exercise. What is missing? (note: these are generalizations, not rules, that exclude off kilter bluffs)

Betting Lines

• Limp in EP = pair
• Limp in MP = pair or connector
• Limp in late = any playable holding
• Raise in EP = big pair or AQ+
• Re-raise = attempt to thin field with hands that want fewer opponents like big pairs and AK.
• 3rd raise = AA, KK or maybe AK,QQ

Post flop lines:
• check- call = draw or middle pair
• C-bet size 1/2 is standard, Smaller is typically a probe bet. Larger is pricing out draws.
• check raise often equal semi-bluff
• Call can sometimes be Setting up for a take-away play on the turn
• Betting when someone fails to c-bet or checked to = Trying to end hand not trap, but hand might have value.
• Just Call can still be weak or strong... Tendency towards weak.

• OOP player Takes control = looking to end hand or "Chan" play.
• C-better now checks = slowing down with marginal or no hand.
• Continue to bet 1/2 + of pot = driving out draws with something-something
• Check-raise = set (or 2 pair)
• Call is typically weak now, trying to get to showdown.
• Lead bet of 1/3 the pot is now a block bet for pot control
• Checking behind = pot control

• Value bet = thinks he is ahead
• Peppered beef (1/2 to 2/3 pot on river) = thinks you will pay off
• Check = looking to get to showdown
• Raise = big mystery with all but the nuts.

When someone RAISES on turn or river AFTER checking the PREVIOUS street (flop or turn), be suspicious of a bluff or the nuts.


matt tag said...

1. Re-raise preflop - I include many more hands here, especially in late position. See my recent posts for the math.

2. check behind turn (in position) to induce bluff on river - this is when you have a medium strength hand (say top pair but weak kicker), and you're not sure if you're ahead or behind. You don't want to bet and get checkraised, but you are willing to pay off one bet before showdown. You check turn behind. Opponent bets river and you call - paying off strong hands he was going to checkraise, but also inducing bluffs from hands much worse than TP (that he would have folded to if you bet turn).

3. checkraise river! (not used frequently, but big fun).

columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

I was updating the post anyway to add blocking bet so I mentioned some of this in the update.

Fuel55 said...

you could separate some of the moves into OOP in IP options.