Friday, October 09, 2009

Embarassing day

Yesterday, I took a walk on the donk side. I ran AKs into KK and a set into a flush. Sad really. I could have escaped from both if it was a tournament. But it was cash, and I felt the need to "hope" I was good.

In other news, I have spent all my money. I have been updating long outdated things around the house. My treadmill was 14 years old, my TV was square shaped, trees were covering what was once a sidewalk and had to be euthanized, trips were planned to get me out of the house this winter, and even bought my daughter some new pokemon cards. Don't laugh, they are expensive.

Needless to say (I like that expression), I seem a bit listless and internally trying to work my way out of it.

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Get it Done said...

Hi there,

running AKs against AA is standard, nothing you can do.