Monday, October 19, 2009


Played in a great deep stack tournament on Saturday, and it was the lamest roller coaster ever for me. No hills.

In the first FIVE levels, I was dealt 2 "premium" hands in AJ and JJ. The JJ saw a flop of AKQ and was done. At the first break I somehow had 18k of my starting 20k intact.

To start level 6, I won a hand with AJ, hitting my FIRST BOARD of the day. That's right run bad complainers (See Fuel), I did not hit a flop until LEVEL 6.

It is now 200/400/50 and its folded around to me on the Button with AQ. I raise and the SB calls. I miss the flop but c-bet and the SB calls. We both check the turn and the river and he calls "King high". I show the AQ and take the pot. "I dont know why I called your flop bet", the kid says.

THE VERY NEXT HAND, a limper and then it folds to me in the SB and AGAIN I have AQ. I raise it up and the BB (same kid) calls. The flop is Q75 rainbow... The pot is 3200.

I make a c-bet of 2k and he calls. The turn is a Jack, and I decide this has been my only real chance in 7 levels to accumulate chips. I decide to check raise. I check and he bets 2500. (Its 2500 to call a pot of 9700). I have 17.5k behind.

Now I started the hand with 21k and have an M of about 21, so we are still in a healthy state here. But a raise here to 7500 puts me in an awkward position.

I decide to raise all-in and he goes into the tank. He puts me on a set, and I feer I just ran into a hand like KK in the SB. After about a minute, he calls with bottom set (presto) and I am out.

Did I over-play this hand?


matt tag said...

Getting it all in here or waiting until the river doesn't matter much here - if he's any good, he's going to try and get you all-in by the river anyway with a set. Your only decision is if TPTK is good enough to "go" with on this board, against this player. If you decide "yes", then the CRAI is a great play, because it gives him a chance to fold.

Looking back on the hand, I am confused - if you are the button and he is the SB, how can you checkraise? He has to act first

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

You raised allin for a ton of chips with just TPTK on a Queen-high flop, and you need to know if you overplayed it? Not saying I don't take TPTK allin in tournaments myself from time to time, but when I do I don't have to ask if I overplayed the hand.

Jordan said...

Could we have a bit more context? How long were the blind periods and was this live or online? It seems, based on your description of the game in general, that you fell victim to the old "this is the best hand I've had in a while so I'm going to push it no matter what" mentality. I don't think that you overplayed it too badly, but its the inspiration behind the play that concerns me the most. If you said you were making the play because you could push the kid around or you thought he'd call with less, then it is a decent play. If you felt you hadn't seen a hand all day and that's the basis of your play, you overplayed it.

So, how long were the blind periods and was it live or online?

columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

live event, levels were 30 minutes.