Monday, October 05, 2009


I took stock of all the money I ever put on sites, and alarmingly I have a LOSS at Stars. I decided to I would grind it back up on principle. But as I started, I remembered why I have a loss on Stars. It's the run-bad center of my universe. Nevertheless, taking some guidance from Ferguson's ability to turn $1 into $10k, I am going to turn $100 into $1000. So far, I am up to $200 despite some brutal... well you know.

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Nick Maiorana said...

Keep it up sir. I know you have the skills to get back. What other sites do you play on?

I have been analyzing my play closer than ever lately. I put $50 at Bodog probably around a year ago. I managed to work it up to $400, then due to an incessant string of bad luck or bad play, I managed to work it all the way down to less than $2.

Feeling it was more bad luck than play, I really, really wanted to avoid doing another deposit (you know I don't trust the sites :-) )

I managed to get it up to $60+ over the last couple of months, but I'm stuck there. I keep dropping down to the $40's then grinding back up to $60.

What I think is happening is that around $60, something in my brain relaxes about my account, so I start taking more chances.

I start looking for opportunities to double up quickly. I take chances against the apparent maniac that is raising all in and showing bluffs 90% of the time. I sometimes get felted by taking those chances. And when you start putting your stack at risk more often, you start losing it in more often. But something magical happens when I drop below $50. I start playing more conservatively and work my stack back up.

Not sure if your having the same problem or not, but if you are and you figure out away around it, please let me know.