Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A fistful of chips

Talk about a situation where you dont take your own bloody advice. I always warn players to be very weary of large river bets. Unless your in extenuating circumstances, it is just rarely a bluff when a 3 bullets are fired. Not only did I call a big river bet, but I called it from FUEL! He is not going to run a 3 bullet bluff in level 2. Just not gonna happen. Yet, I called what could only be called, "a fish value bet". And I bit hard.

In a way, I am glad it happened. Here I am going to play in a WSOP event and I obviously needed a reminder of "top ten stupid things fish do".

  1. Call big river bet in early rounds
  2. limp short handed
  3. talk to Waffles in the chat window (always -EV)
  4. call out of position
  5. betting for no reason
  6. folding when you are getting odds to call
  7. being unable to fold aces
  8. over-playing AJ
  9. not watching stack sizes before betting
  10. shoving BFOV* with TP. (*wrongly obviously)
As Elmer Fudd once said to Daffy Duck
"More Briefing?" - Elmer
(sigh) "More Briefing." -Daffy

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