Thursday, May 01, 2008

Rollercoaster... of luv...

Roloercoaster, woo hoo hoo-hoo-hoo. What a ride the Mooke was last night.

I have been frustrated lately by two things. Not winning hands on the flop, and finishing poorly late in the tournament. What I mean by the latter is that many times this month I have been in the top 5 in chips, only to miss the money. Heck, even miss the points (top 25%). How can it go south so quickly?

My first adjustment is to the early game. I have 3 mojitos and decide I will only raise "pot" pre-flop (typically 3.5x BB) and when I decide to proceed post-flop, I will bet POT, and not look for value.

For the second part, my plan was to get some decent freaking cards for once. Both will work out nicely.

Follow along, if you dare!!!

Won an early hand with 87o when I flopped to pair
Lost around 200 chips checking out flops (including 55) and having to relesae.
so still around start size...

Then I will call an all-in from a shorty with KT only to see AK. I have a measly 799 chips left.

Win the blines twice in a row, which leads into being dealt 77 in UTG+1. Luck truck raises UTG and I re-raise all in. He calls with AQ and misses. I am healthy again.

I lose some small pots seeing flops then get KK in Utg+1, I raise POT and get a call from Fuel. But he folds to my post flop pot bet.

Lost of small pots won and lost...
And then its AK on the button. When its folded around to me I raise and it looks like a steal. cmitch gtes his money in with AQ and I double up.

I lose 700 chips when my QQ sees and Ace flop and folds...
spend some time winning and losing pots under 1000 chips. Lost of AJ and small pairs.

Weird hand where UTG and UTG+1 linp. I raise to 1000 with AQ and when I bet the flop, my caller (Bayne) folds.

Now I go on a TEAR. but a negative one! Losing the next 22 hands that I put money in the pot. 22! blinds are 150/300 and but I have 7000 in chips. I get aggro with 66 and pick up a decent pot.

I now REPEAT my tear, including not 1 but two big pots. The first is with AQ in UtG+1. I make it $1250 (blinds are 200/400) and I call a push for $3600 (2200 more). KK takes half my stack.

The next hand, I GET KK. I push and the SB (LJ?) calls with A9s and make a runner-runner flush.

I have only $1500 chips with I am stuck inthe the 200/400/50 Big blind for a 1/3 of my chips. DESPITE that, I get a walk.

I pick up a few chips with a re-steal with A5. sweet. But I am 19th out of 19th with 18 getting paid.

Folede to me on the button, so I push with KJo. 44 calls, but I flop and K and double up.

I have 5k in chips with I get KK on the button. folded around to me and when I raise, no action.

I push from EP with AQ (short handed) and get a button call from an even shorter stack. THEY have KK and I am back to 2250.

I lose a couple of pots and I have only $1350 left.
This time, AQ comes through and Bayne doubles me up with his AJ call.

I bide my time with about $3500 chips until I get AA in LP. I simply shove and get no action. bummer. Blinds were 400/800 with 100 ante, so what other bet can I make?

I steal with KJ. I 6k (below avg) when I get AJ in the SB. The button makes a move on the blinds and I re-raise all-in. He calls with AT and I double up.

We are nearing the end and steals are covering for the pre-flop folds. and then a monster pot.

We are 6 handed down to the final 2 tables. I have 14k in cutoff. Its foleded to me, and I raise $4400 (1/3 of my stack) with A6o. Drizz shoves for $8800 total and I feel I am stuck calling. Ironically, Drizz had a pair (88) vs. the Ace-Rag army. Which once again, vanquishes him.

AJ on the buttona and a big stack of chips allows me to call a push from the hijack and I have his QJ dominated. One more to the rail.

Few more smaller pots and its off to the final table. I pick off a steal attempt with AK and send 83o to the rail. There are now SIX left, and I am second in chips.

lucko limps and LJ shoves all in for like 20k. I wake up on the button with AA and win a HUGE pots and we are down to 5. Not only that, I am now tied for the chip lead.

About 5 minutes later, the EXACT scenario. Only BiggestRon now pushes raises with KK and I wake up with AA on the button. I re-reaise but he is not folding KK and gets his money in. Board is all numbers and we are down to 4. I am now the chip leader.

We are down to 3 when I try to rail the short stack by calling his shove with A2o. He had QQ. Lame call AND I doubled him up.

After Lucko dispenses with him, we are heads up.

I cant even describe what happened. Every time we see a flop, Lucko hits it. Every time. I get so frustrated that I decide to steal a pot on a 34Q flop. Of course, he has AQ. Even the last hand, I shove with A3, he flips A7. Luckilly for me we both already had a TOC seat. Because I got spanked heads-up. It was tough to watch.

I try to eliminate


bayne_s said...

If I remember right my pp was 2nd pair on a Q hi flop when you had AQ.

I almost jammed pre but thought you were having one of those nights where you kept pipping me

lightning36 said...

Nothing like running into lucko at the end. I was heads up with him in the Mookie about a month ago and was ready to take almost his whole stack A-K vs A-rag. What kind of crap hit the flop, turn, and river? 2,3,4,5! Last night, I was a 72% favorite to double up and put me back in the game when he busted me.

To be a great player AND catch all those cards -- he is evil!

Drizztdj said...

One of these days I will defeat the Ace-Rag army and all will my wraith!

Nice job on 2nd!