Thursday, May 15, 2008

In this post, I am going to quote Jennifer Tilly!

Really. WPT Ladies Night, post knockout interview. "I just didn't get the cards".

Last night in the Mookie, I started off pretty well, but from just before the break until... ohhh... lets say I threw the laptop at the wall, I got 94o. Pretty much for the complete "the antes have started" levels. 94o.

You can say what you want about stealing and surviving and re-stealing, but in an hour of 94o, you are going down.

I just have to chalk this one up to variance. But I did score a single BBT3 point for folding to 25th.

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pokerpeaker said...

That would be a kick-ass One-Minute Mystery.

"You've got 9-4os in early position....."